5 Key Areas Where The Senate Needs To Change!

Have you ever felt, you were living in some sort of sadistic, time – machine, where we observe, most of the same issues and challenges, lots of empty promises, and rhetoric (by politicians, and public officials, on both sides of the political spectrum), and very little change, for the better? While there are many areas of our political system, and governance, which could (and should) function, far better, one component, which is, perhaps, responsible for much of the stagnation, involves, the functioning, and activities/ performance, of the United States Senate! It seems, this situation, has gotten worse, in recent years, to a large extent, because, it has become, even more partisan, and less willing to seek, common – ground, for the greater good, by speaking to (instead of, at) each other, to attempt to reach, some sort of compromise, and a meeting – of – the – minds! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 key areas, where the Senate needs to change, if our nation is to adapt, evolve, and better represent our citizens, and country.

1. Approving lifetime Court Appointments: When it comes to how, Federal Judges, are appointed, and approved, it has become, rather obvious, changes are needed! Since many of these Court appointments, are, for a lifetime, shouldn’t there be better protections, to ensure, these appointees, are the right individuals, to serve in those positions! One change should be, a clear set of requirements, guidelines, etc, before anyone can be submitted. There should be a specific commission, established from the Bar Association, which closely examines, judicial qualifications, not from a political perspective, but, rather from a qualified, one! For example, before one can be appointed to the Appeals Court, shouldn’t that individual, have served, as a Judge, in a lower court, for some specific period? Shouldn’t there be, a certainty, there is no conflicts of interest, and/ or, ethical questions? Finally, shouldn’t the concept of these appointments, being lifetime ones, be seriously considered, and addressed? Perhaps, there should be term limits? Wouldn’t the partisan direction of the Supreme Court, be minimized, if/ when, there were rotating, 18 – year terms, so a Justice, was replaced, every 3 years? Shouldn’t protecting all of the Constitutional guarantees, rather than, merely, selective ones, be the top priority? ifb senator wss 8 kg

2. The power of the Majority Leader: When the Senate Majority Leader, has the power, to determine, what gets to the floor of the Senate, quality governing, suffers! We have, for example, witnessed, Mitch McConnell, refuse to bring legislation, approved by the House of Representatives, to the Senate’s floor, for consideration. That individual has refused to bring one Justice – possibility, up, for consideration, while fast – tracking, another!

3. Require 53 votes, instead of a simple majority: If, the Senate needed 53 votes, for approval, instead of a simple majority, wouldn’t that make it, more likely, there would be, a better chance, to consider, looking for a quality compromise, etc? When it comes to Justices, and other Judges, as well as major legislation, etc, wouldn’t Americans, be better served, and represented, by that attempt, and rule?

4. Requirement for Senate to vote – on, and consider, legislation approved by the House of Representatives: We have witnessed, recently, hundreds of pieces of legislation, approved by the House, never, even, come – up, for approval, and/ or, consideration. How could that, possibly, benefit the nation, or our citizens?

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